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Engage 5 new members (in your same membership classification.)


        Hop on the bus and take the ride of your life!  Rid yourself of negative attitudes, gain positive energy, and spark those around you.  The concepts will provide a green-smoothie boost to anyone’s personal or professional life.  Learn to become the driver of your own bus.  Along your journey, be sure to pick up passengers and share the key concepts that enable them to become a driver of their own bus.  Implement these concepts on your chapter’s team bus and watch the growth!

            A positive attitude is the key component to energy.  Each bus driver has the potential to contribute negative or positive energy which creates an attitude.  An attitude is a costume we wear that you can’t physically see.  It’s our choice to put it on, wear it, or take it off.

            The Energy Bus teaches techniques that will create an atmosphere of commonality of purpose and vision that provides a level platform of mutuality.  Mutuality ushers in respect for one another and requires a constant dance around your expectations and the team’s destination.  Each bus rider has their own personality, background, goals, expectations and destination.  This dance may require you to shuffle past an attitude infraction, hip-hop around someone’s oversight, swing a conversation back to point, or tap someone on the shoulder with encouragement.

            Your chapter needs your energy contribution to allow personal and career growth.  Lead by example; others will implement your positive, infectious attitude.  Membership is people, resources, connection and heart.  Continually ask yourself, “How will I make a positive difference today?”  You will enjoy growing with your NALS membership as a healthy family member.



Do you have your 30 second elevator speech ready for when you are asked this question?  What are the benefits of membership in NALS?  I know it’s hard to keep it under 30 seconds, but if you can just hook someone in that time, they will stick around to hear more about what NALS has to offer.  The list is ongoing, but the core benefits of your NALS membership are (1) the exceptional education that is offered at local, state, regional and national levels, (2) the online education offered through NALS WebEd, (3) the networking at the state, regional and national conferences, (4) the ALS, PLS and PP certifications, (5) the new Specialty Certificates in the areas of Litigation/Civil Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning/Family Law, and General Law, (6) the Online Learning Center, (7) the many publications offered by NALS at both national, state and local levels, and (8) the NALS Library.
Just looking at the list makes me realize just how much we really do get from our membership with NALS.  In addition to these items, I believe that the leadership training I have received by being involved in NALS is priceless.  I also hold my NALS friends very dear to my heart and couldn’t imagine not having them there in the sidelines to cheer me on as I accomplish things I never thought I could, and I owe it all to my membership in NALS!


As a child, did you ever save money by putting it in a mason jar so you could “watch your money grow”?

With the downturn in the economy, many firms are no longer paying NALS membership dues for its employees.  Are you, or someone you know, contemplating not renewing your membership (or not becoming a member) because of the cost?  While $128 (the average new member dues) is not a small amount of money, it’s easier to handle if you look at it this way:

And think of all the benefits you get for a little bit of sacrifice:

So, how about setting up a “NALS Membership Jar”?  Pop in the $3.50 for that latte you skipped (you’ll have your membership paid in less than a year); the $7.00 for the lunch you didn’t eat out (you’ll save enough for your membership after only five months); the $1.50 for the soda (your membership is paid in just over three months), or even just 40 cents every single day.  By the time your membership dues come around again, you’ll most likely have more than you need in your Membership Jar (and you just may be able to treat yourself to an extra lunch out!)

Membership Application

Please mail a copy of this application to:
Susan J. Mano
c/o Schwabenland & Ryan, PC
995 Old Eagle School Road
Suite 306
Wayne, PA 19087
610-971-9200 work
610-971-2491 fax

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